Cardinal Truths was formed by a group of dedicated Wesleyan alumni and donors who believe the Wesleyan Administration’s forced coeducation of the University’s residential fraternities is a serious breach of the Wesleyan’s long-time commitment to diversity, tolerance and willingness to embrace students with minority opinions.

This action will kill frats at Wesleyan because the national charters of Deke and Beta forbid co-education and if they lose their national affiliations and insurance coverage, they will have to close.   Yet this drastic action will do nothing to increase student security or advance gender equity.

We are committed to opposing this mandate and the unilateral way in which it was implemented, with limited discussion and consultation with affected parties.  We love Wesleyan and all that it has meant to us over the years, but the Wesleyan we love would not have so blithely broken the social contract with its students and alumni.  We will continue to oppose this unfair mandate and will use all the means at our disposal to fight for the 147-year tradition of Wesleyan fraternities.