On Friday May 22, on the eve of Wesleyan’s commencement, reunion and other university-wide celebrations, the DKE house was vandalized by a group of people who object to our efforts to protect our rights as a fraternity. The house and grounds were sprayed with silly string and the yard was littered with pamphlets that strongly implied that the vandals were feminists who couldn’t tolerate our continued existence.

feminist flier

To the perpetrators of this vandalism we say: we understand that you are angry, but believe that your anger is misplaced. We regret that you resorted to vandalism to make your point. Isn’t the entire objective of a Wesleyan education to open minds and to create a space where open and honest debate is possible? Vandalizing our private property in the dead of the night and leaving anonymous fliers is completely contrary to the spirit of Wesleyan. We believe that the best way to resolve issues is through communication. To that end, if there is a way to facilitate greater understanding through open dialogue we are willing to meet with you and hear what you have to say – no questions asked and no charges filed. We know you read this website, since your flier refers to Cardinal Truths, and we hope you will respond positively to this offer.  Just send us a message via this website’s “contact us” button and we’ll schedule a discussion.

Regrettably, this is not the first time that threats have been made against DKE. The Facebook page of a Wesleyan student group featured one post that said “BURN IT DOWN” and another that said “WE SHOULD JUST THROW ROCKS THROUGH ITS WINDOWS.” The administration has taken none of these threats seriously, although they would be considered hate crimes if committed against any other organization on campus.

It’s too bad the administration has created a hostile environment for anyone who thinks fraternities should have the same rights as any other campus organization. We call on Wesleyan to lower the rhetoric, to support free expression for ALL ideas, and to take these threats seriously before it is too late.

We also reiterate our call for a temperature-lowering dialogue with those who are angry enough to vandalize the house. Meeting face to face is the first step toward reconciliation.