Over the last few months, the Administration’s mandate to coeducate fraternities has drawn strong opposition from a number of fronts.  Here are a few statements against the policy and the process by which it was reached.

Memo of Decision re DKE vs Wesleyan

    State Court: “There are genuine issues of material fact as to whether [Roth and Wesleyan] intended to drive out the fraternity and acquire DKE House for the university’s own use and benefit.”

  • Dear Trustees, November 6, 2015
  • Concerned DKE alumni write to the trustees asking them to take a fresh look at the conflict between DKE and the University before it does damage to the University;s reputation.
  • What’s the Real Agenda?
  • A passionate statement in the Wesleyan Argus asking what the University’s real agenda is with it’s anti-Fraternity campaign.
  • Bad Faith and Anti-Fraternity Bias
  • From the very beginning of this process, President Roth and the anti-fraternity forces within Wesleyan’s administration have acted in bad faith or manipulated the process in a way that demonstrates clear bias against fraternities and their members. This summary outlines the worst examples of bad faith or anti-fraternity bias.
  • Alumni Letter To President Roth and Trustees Chair Joshua Boger
    A group of alumni and donors pledges their commitment and collective support to create effective solutions that allow students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni to come to Wesleyan to teach, learn, work, and live without fear, and strongly advises against taking draconian measures against fraternities that would distract the the real problems of abuse and binge drinking.
  • Letter from President Roth
  • The Administration has refused to enter into good faith discussions with us over coeducating the house.