by Scott Karsten


On April 6, our lawyer Kathy Eldergill and I met with the DKE undergrads at the House for almost two hours to go over the litigation procedures generally and some of the specifics of the lawsuit, including the upcoming TRO hearing on April 22-23, their testimony and the overall situation.

This was, for me, a personal touchstone experience.  Meeting in the Library during this evening was a true manifestation of all that is our Brotherhood: all that we are as Gamma Phi DKEs; all the injustice in this situation that we oppose, when no one else will; all the strength and bonding and tightness of this Undergrad group of Brothers; and frankly all the love and support they have for one another and their dedication to our shared cause.

We had at various times between 8 and 20 guys there during the meeting.  All were enthusiastic and intelligent in their questions, and motivated.  We have all of our witnesses signed up, as well as several others with their own stories to tell about what the House means to them.  You really just can’t imagine the positive energy!  Kathy was great and, as expected, advised everyone what to anticipate—including the uphill nature of our fight.  But afterwards, as a mother of two boys in their 20’s, her comment was, “Why wouldn’t you want a bunch of kids just like that on your campus?”

Yeah.  They are kids that every parent in our alumni group would be proud to call their own.  Let’s do our best for them.